Hi, I'm Kevin.

I've been doing 3D work for
over eight years, most of it in LA,
and some of it in Detroit. I hope to
continue doing this in
many places.

When I'm not
working on my own
personal projects, I like making
music, photography, programming,
playing (and making!) video
games, and taking long
walks on the

I put effort, quality, and
soul into my work because it
reflects who I am. I want to be proud
of the work I put out into the
world. I hope to inspire
others to do the

I've been using
a computer since before
starting grade school, so I'm very
fluent in working with them in almost
every way. I'm experienced in
project setup through the
delivery of final
kevin@bluevisual.tv I typically reply within two
business days
Rudy Manning - Chief Creative Director, Pastilla
Kevin is one of those rare breeds of a true creative that's a perfect hybrid of artist, executer, problem solver with technical prowess unparalleled. You can't find all of those attributes in too many creatives these days.
Scott Bryant - Creative Director, STEAM, LLC
Kevin really "steps ups" a project. We first hired Kevin on a large scale Intel Project. Once we saw his creative and technical talents paired with the great creative suggestions that he made, he was put in charge of two (very well received) large scale projects for a Bell Helicopter reveal. He would be a huge asset to any project.
Steve Swersky - Producer / Editor at Massive Post Productions
Kevin is a great asset to have on any project...he brings a fresh creative insight and adds to the overall vision of everything he works on. The last job was a barn burner in terms of overtime hours yet Kevin stuck with us through change after change until the client was "thrilled"! Thanks Kev!!!
Brian Bochicco - Co-Inventor for Wagoo AR
I have hired Kevin to complete various projects for me over the past two years, which have covered animation work, video editing/compositing, and website development. Kevin is a true professional who has continually demonstrated the ability to turn our vision into a digital reality all the while being unafraid to tactfully present his own creative touches / challenge some of our own design decisions in the process.
Projects: WagooAR
Andrew Lin - Director at Caudabe LLC
Working with Kevin was an absolute pleasure. He's extremely (EXTREMELY) responsive and was completely willing to work with us to get the project done to our exact liking. The end result was fantastic. He's very experienced with 3D animation and 3D renders, which is not always the case with freelancers on Upwork. We recommend Kevin highly to anyone interested in working with him. ★★★★★
John Serpa - VP Media Operations at Lull
Kevin exceeded our expectations modeling our product in a 3D environment. We worked quickly and provided excellent value. We liked his responsiveness to feedback, and will work with him again when new needs arise. ★★★★★
Projects: Lull
Riley Waugh - User Experience Specialist
Kevin has consulted for me on several design projects. Along with being a joy to work with, he has a solid understanding of the technology behind design.