Nice to meet you!
I'm Kevin.

I grew up near Los Angeles and lived
there most of my life until I
moved to the Metro-Detroit
area for three years
before coming

When I'm not
working on my own
personal projects, I like making
music, photography, programming,
playing (and making!) video
games, and taking long
walks on the

I put effort, quality,
and soul into my work
because it reflects who I am.
I want to be proud of the work I put
out into the world, and I want to
make sure my clients are
happy with what
they get.

I've been using
a computer since I was
about two years old, so I am very
fluent in working with them in almost
every way. I'm experienced in
project setup and in the
delivery of final

I know file
formats, frames per
second/drop frame, video
& audio codecs, resolution,
aspect ratio, bit depth, and every-
thing else to make sure you get
exactly what you need
the way you need
it. I typically reply within two
business days