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Mar 2016
Unreal Engine
3DS Max
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Transit (as it’s currently called) is a project that’s been conceptual for a few years now but is finally coming to fruition now that VR is an available medium (and a perfect one at that!). There is no objective except relaxing and enjoying the worlds you’re in, it’s just a concept about experiencing beautiful places and things.

A rift-view preview showing UI elements and a level being loaded


You are in a cabin gliding along rails through beautiful environments and places. There are hardly any controls, only some gaze-activated menus inside your cabin. This is to let the player not worry about navigating environments, getting stuck somewhere, or needing to interact with anything in the real world.

The transition tunnel that connects each level

There will be playlist functionality where you can load up a few different environments in sequence and they will load fairly seamlessly. There will also be looping environments where there is no entrance or exit, only a continuous circuit that you can ride forever. There will also be procedural tracks that go on forever and self-generate, giving you an infinite experience.


The game is comprised of various experiences, which can be part of a group or just independent concepts.


This was the first conceptual level for Transit. I wanted large bridge-like structures passing overhead and wanted the feeling of being deep down in a concrete chasm. The first tests were fairly claustrophobic and gloomy, and as the concept progressed it became more open and sunny.

A preview of it playing inside UDK

Looking forward in 'Terminal'
Another view from further back


This experience is one that brings me a personal peace and is somewhere I always want to escape to. The leaves rustling from a breeze, some light birdsong, and gentle sun filtering through the canopy. A perfect spring-summer hybrid day.

The 'Hills' level
'Hills' level just after exiting the transition tunnel

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