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for Channing Shattuck — Oct 2017
3DS Max
Octane Render

A friend of mine does freelance product design, and needed renders of his designs for his client’s pitch (QGS). He came to me to do a few animations for the project. Even though it was extremely short notice (not his fault), we completed the project successfully and on-time. QGS is a genetics sequencing company that intends to democratize expensive genome sequencing in the lab.

My client provided the model files which were exported from Solidworks, and told me what materials the different parts had, and how each device opened and operated. There was one family overview shot, and three looping segments which for the presentation looped continuously until the slide was advanced. For these shots, the devices were isolated.

Because the devices were sort of a family, they were able to share the same materials, which was a sandblasted aluminum primarily, with a glossy black acrylic secondary, gold details for things like electronic contacts, and blue LEDs for minimally communicating the status of the device.

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