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for Onyx Cinema — Apr 2015
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2015 Revision

Revisited April 2015

Onyx Cinema is an incredible cinematography company. After years of skill and network growth, they decided it was time to re-brand and build a new website. They hired a colleague of mine to design the logo, and she directed them to me to animate it.

When I saw the logo, I immediately thought of gyroscopic rings that eventually locked into place. The client also wanted the rings to lock into place at the end like lens elements (as cameras are an integral part of their workflow). The back plate is also a custom dark onyx material that strengthens the feeling of quality and solidarity.

2015 Revision

About a year an a half after the original contract, the client came back requesting a 4k version for his talk at the NAB Show about film-making. There were some things that I had wanted to change since the original version like the onyx stone backdrop, the lighting, and adding some motion blur (which my rendering program didn’t provide at the time of the first version). These changes really improved the overall look and prepared it for 4k viewing.

A comparison of the revision versus the original, two years earlier
The original video which was muddier and flatter
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