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May 2013
3DS Max
Octane Render

As I was falling asleep, I imagined a neat sort of kinetic sculpture. I imagine a sort of rod or dowel with thousands of strings all over it, all with tiny orbs of light at the ends. While stationary, these would simply look like random dots hanging down, but as the motor spun up and reached a sustained velocity, the dots would all fan out from centripetal force, and the motion would leave long streaks of light in a trail, turning into a field of stars.

While I didn’t accomplish the physics of the strings, I did manage to generate the strings as thin rods as if they were already in their high-velocity state.

To be able to efficiently create the model, I had to write my own script that generated cylinders and spheres at the correct heights and angles. After I thought I was satisfied with obtaining what I originally had in mind, I decided to try some new values in my script to see what other sort of cool structures I could make. I made a second set of images that were more geometric and calculated, rather than vivid and random like before.

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