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Nov 2014
3DS Max
Octane Render

Destiny is a project about rails. A journey, and a destination.

One of my early forrays into physics simulations and modeling; I originally wanted to follow a ball along its journey through a contraption. The idea grew from here into more of an abstract one where it’s mostly just a journey… sort of like the ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ poem.

Currently, there are just some more literal and unfinished interpretations of this concept from early on. I still plan to continue working on it.


I needed a way to bring the balls back up to a higher elevation so that they could have potential energy again, but weird belt or mill systems seemed awkward, so I wanted a more interesting solution. I pondered passively for days about what would be a good design, and finally thought of one as I was falling asleep one night.

Elevator mechanism

Fast physics due to bad friction parameters, but I wanted to play with some camera angles
A quick test for camera angles and physics
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