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for Firebreathing Films — May 2017
Adobe After Effects
Affinity Photo
3DS Max
Octane Render

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Valentine DayZ is a quirky horror movie about a zombie apocalypse.

I handled almost all of the visual effects for the film, the only exception being one of the shooting locations for a news broadcast offered an automated greenscreening process for one of the backdrop. I worked in After Effects for the motion tracking, rotoscoping, and compositing. All shots were done at 4k.


Most of the smoke and fires in the film were simulated and rendered in Houdini and are supposed to represent portions of the city in ruins from the apocalypse.

There were no hero explosions or foreground elements, so I was able to get away with coarser voxels and simpler shading/renders. I rendered the volumes with Mantra. The fires out of focus were done procedurally in After Effects for quick interactive tweaking.

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