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for Caudabe — Mar 2017
3DS Max
Octane Render
Affinity Design

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iPhone 7 Model

Caudabe is a phone case manufacturing company which specializes in sleek, precision products that offer beauty and protection. I work with them to visualize their products for online presentation.

Before working with me, they used photography for all their product shots. They had a great photographer doing this work, but photography by nature lacks the flexibility and perfection of a purely virtual approach.


The primary outcome of my work is renders that show different angles and variations of each product for use on their online store. Due to the high-quality engineering they provide in their products, I need to make sure I match that standard when delivering.

The client was delivered 32-bit EXRs at 4k for the highest quality compositing source content. Some details were added after my renders, for flexibility and faster iteration on their end, like the screen and shadows underneath.

The renders are presented next to photography, which both helps them appear more convincing, but can also draw more scrutiny if differences are noticed.

Lucid Case

The Lucid case is a transparent case with a metallic ink pattern on the outside. This was different from the other cases because of the need for UV maps, which manufacturing files don’t provide.

Hero angle with gold case and phone
Family lineup
Clear cases on silver and black phones
Transparent case with side logo

You can view the renders on their live website here. The other iPhone7 cases I worked on can be seen from here.

Phone Model

Of course, you can’t display phone cases without showing how they look on the device itself, so I had to make sure the cases had convincing and accurate representations of the phones as well.

Luckily, a manufacturing file was provided that gave me an accurate representation of the main shape of the device. These had their extents too though, for instance the textures, materials, and inner details like the camera lenses, port interiors, and anything underneath the surface like the screen. Matching these details is important since they can be very defining of the look and believability of the product.

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