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for Pastilla Studio — Apr 2013
Adobe After Effects

For this project, we needed to composite a screen onto a laptop that an actor was interacting with. Another artist was contracted to rotoscope and track the screens, while my job was to create an animatable replica of the Windows 8 interface as well as other apps like Outlook, Skype, and the default picture viewer. These fake apps had to be dynamic, as I would be adjusting and tweaking animations and content throughout the project.

ASUS sent our studio a sample of the product to use during the project. I used this to see how apps looked and how the interface was interacted with. Certain elements have subtle eases on movements as they enter or exit the frame, or how switching applications looks.

Because the video had already been filmed, some of the actor’s interactions were not quite right, and I had to adjust the interface to be different than the real Windows 8 so that it matched their motions.

Composited screen
Reconstructed and fully animatable Windows 8 interface
More compositing. There's a very slight glow on the tip of the finger that makes it TONS more believable. Without it the finger looks dark and poorly composited
Reconstructed Windows 8 Outlook application. Also dynamic and animatable

Below are the videos it was used in.

Mother's Day Video

Father's Day Video

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